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Hiking Program

Pack 316’s Hiking Program invites scouts to be more active in the outdoors, to learn more about the environment, practice “Leave No Trace,” and learn what type of wild animals and birds live in their local area. So, why did your son want to join Scouting? Did he want to explore the outdoors, learn how to use a map or read a compass, experience camping, and go hiking in fun and exciting locations? If you answered yes, then Pack 316’s Hiking Program is for him.

As your scout begins hiking, and starts learning the guidelines for Leave No Trace, how to use a map and compass, or even the history of the local parks he’ll be in, he will be earning mile credits. A scout earns one mile credit for every mile hiked. The goal is for your scout to have fun while hiking. And, to enhance this experience, he will be able to earn the symbol of the Hiking Program, the Hiking Stave or Stick as well as other rewards pertaining to his participation and milestones.

Click here to review the full program, including rules & guidelines, awards, and an illustration of what your scout’s hiking stick could look like.

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